Friday, May 31, 2013

t lately

My sister says that age 18 months to 3 years is her "edible age." When T was born, I thought that no, the newborn phase must be the cutest. But then he started interacting and eating and voicing opinions and crawling and walking, and each subsequent phase got cuter than the last. He's now almost 21 months and I really can't imagine anything cuter than a little boy at this age (which I'm sure I'll take back when he turns two, and then three...).

So here are some T-isms lately.

-T's talking has reached a new level of cute and hilarious. Two examples. The other day Ty and I were talking about a coworker's strange behavior, and I said, "Hmm... that just seems fishy to me." T almost exploded with joy, ran to the pantry and pointed to the goldfish and said, "FISHIES!!" A few days later, T was mauling Ody with love (a regular occurrence, which our dear dog is patient enough to endure), and I said something about leaving Ody in peace. This apparently rang a bell to him and he said, "Pizza? PIZZA!!" and ran towards the kitchen as if a pizza would magically appear. He has us laughing all the time.

-This kid never slows down. I commented to Ty the other day that I don't remember the last time I saw T walk. He runs everywhere, climbs, inspects nooks and cupboards, builds stairs for himself, you name it -- and he has the bruises to show for it. I counted 6 on one leg the other day. It can obviously get a little tiring to keep track of this little monkey, but I love that he loves being alive, and that he's inquisitive and active and animated.

Just another reverent day at church.

-T is currently obsessed with any and all animals. He recognizes them in all shapes and forms (a funny duck on a greeting card, a cartoon bear on some junk mail, a real horse whose pasture we pass regularly), and exclaims his joy at seeing them with increasing urgency. "Duck... duck... DUCK... DUCK!!! QUACK QUACK!!" Truly, like it's the most exciting moment of his life. And heck, maybe it is.

-He frequently has an object or two du jour that must come everywhere with him. The day pictured below, it was a pig and a pitch pipe. Usually it is his toy horse or goat (he pronounces it "goap" and there's no way on earth I'll correct it because it's too darling). Sometimes it's a spatula. The other day I bought a travel-sized thing of toothpaste for our trip to Brazil, and he thought it was the most wonderful item of them all. He napped with it for two days, carried it around saying, "Teeth!" and was devastated beyond all telling when he threw it once out of anger and it was taken away.

The horse. It comes everywhere.
-Meals are usually very interactive. He likes to have at least one odd-shaped utensil on his high chair for each meal (giant salad tongs, a spatula, a strainer). This morning, Ty got to go to work late, so he made these wonderful pancakes, and T insisted on flipping each one several times in between every bite. He loves to watch me cook and usually has to be on my hip, taking everything in. He also loves squeezing lemon juice (he calls them "uns") all over his meals -- further proof that he's my son.

-It's obviously typical for kids to sound like they're trying profanity on for size when they're learning to talk, especially with dicey words like "shirt" or "fork." But for whatever reason, T's version of "strawberries" -- no joke -- comes out sounding exactly like "badass." Sorry, but it just does. This is especially humorous when we go to the farmers market each Thursday evening and there is stand after stand of strawberry vendors.

A strawberry in one hand, a lemon in the other.

Mostly I love this age because he's so pure and sweet and affectionate and happy. From the minute he wakes up in the morning ("Daddy! Mommy! Hold you!") till the last slowing-down babbling right before he nods off, he is just happy. He has plenty of age-appropriate tantrums and is learning to say sorry ("Sah-raras" - ??), but he is delighted to be alive in a very contagious way. We love having this kid around.


Kristi said...

One-year-olds are pretty much the best things ever invented. They are what keep me having babies. Another newborn? No thank you. Oh, but wait! It will turn into a one-year-old? Well, alright, then.

preethi said...


ty said...

Could there be anything better than him?

I don't think so :)

natalie said...

I just love seeing pictures of him, because I can't imagine seeing a kid that is a more complete blend of you and Tyler. He looks soooo much like both of you!

Also, no fair sharing the badass story without a recording. I want to hear it. :)

Michelle Collett said...

He sounds so fun! And his eyes are so beautiful. I loved the "reverent" picture. Haha, so Danny has trouble saying "Alice." He makes it sound like the second half of T's "strawberries."

mom warthen said...

He is just darling. I love the fishie story. So cute. We don't have fishies here, but we do have pizza, (peace?). Cant wait to enjoy him... and you two also.

TJ said...
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TJ said...
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