Friday, September 20, 2013

t turns two

Oh this poor neglected blog. I really have the best of intentions to keep it updated. Almost every time I go running, I start writing blog posts in my head that I can't wait to get home and type out. But something else, like watching Pride and Prejudice for the 9th time this month, or sitting down with a good book (or, truthfully, a NAP), always wins out.

To be honest, Instagram > Blogging for quite a while now. I love the microupdates of Instagram, and that you can still feel meaningfully connected with people throughout the day without the hassle of sitting down, writing, editing, rewriting, and publishing a blog post. So, if you're not already following me over there, feel free to. It's mostly... photos of my boy.

My boy! The one who turned two last week! The one who got a crazy sad tummy bug the day before his birthday! We spent the entire week cuddling and watching Sesame Street and... doing lots of laundry. So it was mostly a nice week of rest for me, even though sweet T didn't feel good. Luckily we could put off that whole birthday thing for a week and he was none the wiser. But his... symptoms... combined with not eating basically at all the entire week meant he lost a lot of weight. As in, his shorts which have fit him perfectly for the past 6 months were literally falling down around his ankles. And he weighed exactly as much at his 2 year old appointment as he did at 18 months, which is a whopping 4 pounds more than he weighed at 12 months. Awesome. You can go ahead and imagine the eye roll I was giving the doctor in my head when she started lecturing me. Because, you know, I have a super skinny kid totally on purpose.

But! The bug went away, he was up and running around and feeling better the following week. I learned my lesson about having big parties last year, and we kept it super simple this year. I made a lemon blueberry cake, we sang (he sang to himself, which just about killed me), Ty brought home some balloons, and, well, that was that. It was great.

Some things to know about my boy at age 2:
-The talking just gets more frequent and more hilarious every day. The other day he said to me, clear as day, "I want more butter on my waffle," (he also loves butter on everything which means... we get along great). But he also still babbles a lot and strings together words that are hilarious and nonsensical. My favorite is when he starts a sentence with, "Actually..."
-He loves to climb, run, jump, explore, touch. So, basically, he's two.
-Eating is a completely superfluous activity at this point. He's just not interested in consuming food. The boy who used to eat anything and everything is long gone, and has been replaced with a child who is basically subsisting on the amoebas he absorbs from the air. Because I sincerely don't know where he gets the calories to keep up with his activity level.
-He LOVES to laugh. He gets in moods where the slightest thing will set him off into a good, deep belly laugh, and he'll love it so much that he'll keep producing fake laughter long after the fact.
-Tantrum-wise, he went from having a short fuse to having no fuse basically overnight. There are lots and lots of Class A tantrums around here. We keep people in the grocery stores entertained.
-He knows a handful of Portuguese and Spanish words and phrases, and when something sets him off, he switches into Latin Mode (much like Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story III). He'll start blurting out every foreign word he knows with gusto. It really is a sight to behold.
-He's not very affectionate, but for whatever reason, he will still put his head on my shoulder and let me rock him before naps and bedtime. Sometimes he'll drift all the way to sleep while I sing, other times he'll just cuddle till he's heard enough songs. It's so out of character with how he acts the rest of the day, but I soak up these quiet moments.

Basically he is the greatest thing that's happened to us, and we can't get enough of him.

Happy Second Birthday, little man.

Birth here, first birthday here.


preethi said...

It is a crying shame I won't get to see him in November. I demand you send him out by himself at some point to Camp Harbuck.

Also, the bursting into Latin phrases? Kills me dead.

Kristi said...

Hooray for simple celebrations! And for sweet little guys who are still too young to notice that they got postponed. Glad he's feeling better.

t.t.turner said...

First, Bobos! Such a great and hilarious book!
Second, which version of P&P?
Third, I love that little man, and am so happy that he got over his bug! Four pounds?! That's so scary! I would let him gnaw on an entire stick of butter.
Fourth, still so excited about your upcoming marathon. I think about it all the time, I really do. I can't wait for you to have that experience - it's incredible!
Love you. And yes, a phone call is much overdue. Looking at this comment, I probably just should have called you. Wah wah.

Noelle said...

Happy birthday little T man! I loved the "latin mode" allusion to TS3. :) That was awesome. I am so glad he's feeling better--what an adorable little boy you have. I only wish I could get to know him in person!

mom warthen said...

Happy Birthday little man. He is so cute and we love and miss him (and yous) so much. I love the picture of his with the balloons. Love it!

Janssen said...

Happy birthday to T!

Funny to look back on that eating post and see everyone say, "HE WON'T KEEP IT UP." Babies, man. They just do whatever they want.

Saskia said...

Happy birthday to T.!

Michelle Collett said...

A lemon blueberry cake sounds amazing. And Amy could totally sympathize with you about skinny kids.

Lauren said...

Such sweet little stories! Sorry to hear about his stomach bug. Times like those make you miss Dr. Galla!