Monday, December 23, 2013

oh, hi!

Can't believe I've neglected this poor blog for so long. This is a new record for me. Kudos to anyone who has stuck around to see if I could possibly have anything interesting to say at this point.

The past few months have flown by with typical busy bustling and the constant wonder that is a developing toddler.

November came and went, and with it, my race in Virginia. My knee injury sadly ended up being too prohibitive to allow for the full marathon, so I downgraded to the half which left me only a little bit devastated (that might be an understatement). The first twelve miles of my race went fabulously, but right at mile 12, I got this sharp, stabbing pain in my knee that just felt all sorts of wrong, and I ended up limping the last mile (with kind, well-meaning spectators shouting, "You're almost there honey! Stay strong!"). It made me incredibly glad I didn't have another 14 miles to go. But the weekend was great, as we got to spend time with dear family and friends. Getting stranded in Detroit for an extra 24 hours (thanks, tornados!) was a bit of a downer, but T handled very well getting handed off between 5 of my friends who rallied that day to help.

We spent Thanksgiving here in Palo Alto, thanks to Ty's work schedule, shuttling between wonderful friends' homes who hosted us, and missing our families. We've now been in Palo Alto for 4.5 years and I have to admit that this past Thanksgiving is the most homesick I have ever been. We are also spending Christmas here, again, thanks to Ty's work schedule, and although we will again miss our families, we are incredibly grateful to not be traveling during December. This will be my first December in 10 years not flying/driving/stressing about getting somewhere. No blizzards through Donner Pass on the way to Utah, no long lines at the airport, no wrestling the toddler into a too-small pack and play. Just our little family in our little apartment, live tree and all.

Ty and I celebrated our sixth anniversary this past week. As if that didn't make us feel old enough, we went to dinner, then afterwards realized, "Hey! We've got a babysitter! Let's go to Target!" So off we went in our nice-ish clothes, perusing the toy aisle, embarrassingly thrilled to be playing Santa for our little boy. I've been warned before that Christmas gets increasingly magical when you have children, and that has proven true this year as T has started recognizing a surprising number of Christmas songs (and requesting them in his nightly lullaby lineup), jumping up and down at the sight of each Christmas tree, and understanding that the presence of a wrapped gift may just mean there's a surprise in store for him. He is still a little skeptical about Santa, though.

T's personality is just off the charts and he has us in stitches every day. His new thing is that when we suggest something he finds suitable he raises his chin as if looking down his nose approvingly and says, "Yyyyeah... that'd be great." The other morning, Ty went in to his room when he woke up for the day and T's response was, "Dad! You're home! Thank you so much!" He definitely throws his fair share of tantrums, and we're getting acquainted with time-outs, but he is such a happy child. He loves to laugh, he loves his little friends in nursery, and he is just generally a really good, kind boy. We feel immensely lucky. He is a delight. We must say to each other ten times a day, "He is the absolute best. Don't you just LOVE that boy?"

No guarantees about the frequency with which I'll update this thing anymore, as I sometimes feel that Facebook and Instagram have rendered blogging irrelevant, but I just wanted to send an echo-y hello out into the big wide web. I hope everyone has the merriest of Christmases. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


Saskia said...

I love that picture of T with Santa. I might be a little skeptical too, if I were his age.

Sarah said...

I still love to read blogs! I like to "hear" people's voices, and it seems more personal. Anyway, your family photo is gorgeous! We too are staying home for Christmas for the first time ever and I'm so excited! Merry Christmas!!

Michelle Collett said...

Thanks for blogging! I hope I get to meet little T some day. :) I love that picture of T with Santa. This is our first Christmas without extended family, too. Mixed parts lonely and really nice, too.